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“Through Two Doors at Once offers beginners the tools they need to seriously engage with the philosophical questions that likely drew them to quantum mechanics.”
Science (full review here)

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Dutton (Penguin Random House).
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The intellectual adventure story of the “double-slit” experiment, showing how a sunbeam split into two paths first challenged our understanding of light and then the nature of reality itself–and continues to almost 200 years later.

Advance praise/reviews

“A thrilling survey of the most famous, enduring, and enigmatic experiment in the history of science.” —Kirkus, starred review (click here for full review)

“Through Two Doors at Once offers beginners the tools they need to seriously engage with the philosophical questions that likely drew them to quantum mechanics.”
Science (full review here)

“At a time when popular physics writing so valorizes theory, a quietly welcome strength of Ananthaswamy’s book is how much human construction comes into focus here. This is not “nature” showing us, but us pressing “nature” for answers to our increasingly obsessional questions.” 
Margaret Wertheim, The Washington Post (full review here)

“An excellent and comprehensive exploration of notable double-slit-like experiments.” – (full review here)

Through Two Doors at Once is a challenging and rewarding survey of how scientists…are grappling with nature’s deepest, strangest secrets.”
–Wall Street Journal

“A fascinating tour through the cutting-edge physics the experiment keeps on spawning.” 
–Scientific American

“An engaging and accessible history of a fascinating and baffling experiment that remains inconclusive to this day. Recommended for those interested in the subject or anyone wishing to delve further into the double-slit experiment.” —Library Journal

Through Two Doors at Once is a fascinating read and a must for anyone who would like to find out the latest experimental advances made in this most fundamental of quantum experiments.”
Physics World

”Ananthaswamy offers some of the most lucid explanations I’ve seen of other interpretations.” — Philip Ball, Nature (full review here)

“Wondrous book.  If I were boarding the Trans-Siberian Railway in Moscow, Anil Ananthaswamy is the companion I’d want in the Lounge car.  I would buy him a very good Scotch, say ‘Tell me about quantum physics and the scientists who created it,’ and then I’d sit back contentedly for the seven days to Vladivostok, and listen.” –David Quammen, award-winning author of The Song of the Dodo and (forthcoming) The Tangled Tree

“Upon opening his two quantum doors, Anil Ananthaswamy invites us into the bizarre and wacky world of nature on the smallest of scales.  An engaging raconteur, he tells us a story that is confounding, disturbing, and yet eminently fascinating.  Ananthaswamy serves as the perfect tour guide to physics’ wild side by closely examining one of its most famous experiments.” –Marcia Bartusiak, MIT, award-winning author of Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony and Dispatches from Planet 3

“The double-slit experiment is among the most important experiments ever conducted, both scientifically and historically. In this brisk and enjoyable book, Anil Ananthaswamy gives the double-slit the biography it has long deserved. Anyone interested in the true nature of our quantum world should read this book.” –Adam Becker, Ph.D., author of What Is Real?

“All the strangeness of the quantum world is revealed as Ananthaswamy skillfully weaves an almost magical tale out of who, what, when, where and the elusive why surrounding modern versions of an experiment first performed over two hundred years ago. A must read for all those interested in the nature of reality.” –Manjit Kumar, author of Quantum

“Like quantum particles encountering the fabled double slit, physicists have traveled many different paths in trying to parse the beguiling implications of quantum theory. Through Two Doors at Once is a marvelous guide to the leading ideas – and the stakes – in that century-long quest.” –David Kaiser, MIT, author of How the Hippies Saved Physics

“The first time I saw the double-slit experiment, I thought it was a trick. Even now that I know it’s real, it still seems like magic. In his new book, Anil Ananthaswamy brings alive the magic of quantum mechanics.” –Sabine Hossenfelder, physicist and author of Lost in Math

"Quantum mechanics asks us to believe a number of bizarre things about the nature of reality. But these demands don't arise out of thin air; they are forced on us by experiments. Anil Ananthaswamy has provided a lively introduction to the most paradigmatic of these: the (in)famous double-slit experiment." –Sean Carroll, Caltech, author of The Big Picture

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